Friday, June 24, 2016

Liner Fit, It all comes down to two things...
Short and sweet, those two things all depend on your installer.
I received a text from one of our dealers last night which prompted me to write this post. He texted me that he had just installed the best fitting liner that he had ever installed. Yes, It was a Merlin liner!

At Merlin we don't design one liner to fit better than another, we don't manufacture one liner better than another, what we do is take the dimensions provided to us by our authorized dealers and fabricate a liner to properly fit that pool. Yes there are a lot of factors that figure into the design of the liner, and I will say we are very good at that part of it, but what is the most important is the installer's ability to properly measure the pool. That is where all the magic begins.

Proper measurements insure that every angle, step, turn, depth and unique shape of your pool is accounted for and figured into the design of your liner.  This is the first thing your liner fit depends on.  Taking time to do this part of the job is critical.  We even provide our dealers software to record and plot dimensions on site to avoid having to go back and check something later on when we design your liner.  We also offer training on site as well as at our factory and our distributors so our dealers can hone their skills.

Once your liner is fabricated and the old liner taken out of your pool, your installers ability is once again important to a proper fit.  Liners are made from a very flexible material called PVC.  During the installation of a liner, several factors can effect the flexibility, size and cooperation of the actual liner being installed into your pool.  Knowing how to work with the liner and taking time to properly position the liner in the pool is what makes a good installer, a good installer.  This is the second thing your liner fit depends on.  Liner installation is really an art, experience and ability vary from installer to installer so make sure you choose your installer not just on price but more importantly on ability and track record.  Great installers like to show off their work.  Ask for pictures and references.

Your pool liner should last a long time.  Proper fit and installation will ensure that is the case.  Visit for more information on our swimming pool liners and to locate an authorized dealer near you.

Have a great summer!