Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pool Openings Bring Great Possibilities!

            This winter was an especially tough one all over the nation. Thankfully, the weather is warming up and it is finally time to open your pool!  You may find that the amount of snow and ice that inhabited your pool area for months over the winter may have caused some damage. 
            Pool opening is a great time to have your safety cover inspected by your local dealer or another professional.  If repairs or a remake need to be done, this is the best time of year to have it taken care of.  You won’t need your cover while your pool is open all summer, so this gives plenty of time for the remakes and repairs process to occur before your pool will need to be closed in the fall.  With Merlin Industries repairs and remakes, there could be an opportunity to participate in cost savings programs the earlier in the season that a cover is brought to the manufacturer to be fixed or remade.
            When opening your pool, you may think you can get “one more year” out of your safety cover. In some cases, the cover may be able to remain safe and fully intact for an additional winter, but there may be others that bring inherent dangers if they are put on the pool and are not performing properly. Make sure to have your cover inspected thoroughly by a trustworthy dealer to assess the current condition that it is in and get a professional opinion if it can last for another year. To find a dealer in your area, visit the Dealer Locator section of the Merlin Industries website (www.merlinindustries.com/dealerLocator.html
            The spring and summer time is also a chance to purchase a safety cover if you do not yet have one. If you are still covering your pool with water bags or other dated types of covers, there is no better time to explore the option of upgrading to a safety cover. Merlin Industries has 5 different grades of both mesh and solid safety covers, with one sure to fit your needs. If you have a service company open your pool, have them take a look and explain to you the benefits of a safety cover.  Some of them may even be able to take some measurements while they are at your pool so you can order a cover as soon as possible.
            The winter may have been bad, but it will not stay that way forever. Now that the temperatures are rising, it is time to finally enjoy the pool and put those cold thoughts in the past. Happy Spring and Happy Summer!

At Merlin Industries, Inc. we take pride in both our mesh and our solid Safety Covers.  We offer several different types of mesh safety and solid covers, as well as our patented SmartMesh™ and our new Dura-Mesh II. SmartMesh™ features a high-tech weave that allows water to pass through while providing 100% shade and filtering debris to 40 microns. Dura-Mesh II is the new standard in standard mesh, providing the most shade protection and durability than any other standard mesh on the market. All of these covers have different colors to choose from.  We provide measuring and installation training to our independent dealers and installers. For more information, visitwww.merlinindustries.com.